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Classic Improvisations offers classical piano improvisations. However, these are special piano improvisations. Pianist Bert-Jan Peter van der Mieden takes his audience on a journey to the essence of existence. His piano music radiates positive energy and can even have a healing effect. You need to have experienced this in order to understand what this means.

You can experience Bert-Jan van der Mieden's piano music in various ways. He gives different kinds of concerts, such as piano recitals, dinner concerts and living room concerts.

In addition, Bert-Jan van der Mieden produces piano sparks. Every week he releases a new piano spark. The piano sparks tell a story. They are musical translations of the web sparks that Bert-Jan van der Mieden has been publishing for years now. They deliver a message of connection, trust and love. You can download the piano sparks from this website for free.

Bert-Jan van der Mieden's work is regularly released in the form of CDs. Wonderful to enjoy for yourself or to give away as a present. Orders can be placed through this website.


Bert-Jan van der Mieden on Radio Gelderland

APELDOORN - On Sunday 18 August, Classic Improvisations pianist Bert-Jan van der Mieden was a guest on the Radio Gelderland show Tendens.

Presenter Rinus van Warven interviewed Van der Mieden on topics such as the unique combination of text and music in his classical improvisations, how he came up with the piano sparks and the meaning of life. The show also played tracks from the new CD "From the Heart".