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Bert-Jan van der Mieden produces one piano spark every week. The piano sparks tell a story. Van der Mieden has been publishing web sparks for years already. These deliver a message of connection, trust and love. This message is translated by the pianist to music in the form of unique piano sparks. "The piano sparks and all my improvisations sprout straight from my soul."

A piano spark is a special moment for listening and reflection. Take some time to absorb the words of the web spark and then listen to the accompanying piano spark. Of course, you can also listen to the music first. You can download the piano sparks for free here. Warning: this music might influence your mood in positive manner.

The piano sparks have been recorded professionally on Van der Mieden's own 1922 Bechstein, which has a character entirely its own.

1.After having been lost, it is good to return Home again.
2.Let's examine that which lies deepest in our self and in our neighbour.
3.Remembrance prompts a conscious life, a conscious life prompts remembrance.
4.Remember the Covenant we people made with each other.
5.Be aware of your life's purpose.
6.Connection Is present; Always and with everyone!
7.Trust is the foundation upon which truth is born.
8.When we meet each other at the level of our spirit, we know and experience that there are no such thing as religious disputes.

The piano sparks are free. In this manner, Van der Mieden wishes to contribute to a better world and also spread the sparks internationally. Of course, this involves some expenses. If you wish to support this initiative, please transfer an amount to account number (IBAN code): NL28 INGB 0002 3246 06, BIC code: INGBNL2A, for the account of Pyramide in Apeldoorn. Our sincere gratitude.

Download versions of the piano sparks published earlier can be ordered.



Bert-Jan van der Mieden on Radio Gelderland

APELDOORN - On Sunday 18 August, Classic Improvisations pianist Bert-Jan van der Mieden was a guest on the Radio Gelderland show Tendens.

Presenter Rinus van Warven interviewed Van der Mieden on topics such as the unique combination of text and music in his classical improvisations, how he came up with the piano sparks and the meaning of life. The show also played tracks from the new CD "From the Heart".