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About Bert-Jan

Bert-Jan Peter van der Mieden has been playing the piano ever since his childhood. He wishes to use his music to contribute to a better world. Bert-Jan van der Mieden's piano music has a positive effect on any audience. The pianist on his own work: "Ever since antiquity, the healing and transformative power of music has been acknowledged and applied for centuries. Music connects, inspires, motivates, opens our hearts, expands our minds, purifies our souls and brings us back to our true personalities. That's also what I try to achieve from behind the piano."

The positive effects from the classical improvisations by Bert-Jan van der Mieden are evident from his piano sparks, among other things. "Stress and tension are replaced by positive energy."

With his piano music, Bert-Jan van der Mieden wishes to make his audience feel "how we can be happy and successful. By becoming aware, being aware and acting from this awareness, we can create a better and happier world."


Bert-Jan van der Mieden on Radio Gelderland

APELDOORN - On Sunday 18 August, Classic Improvisations pianist Bert-Jan van der Mieden was a guest on the Radio Gelderland show Tendens.

Presenter Rinus van Warven interviewed Van der Mieden on topics such as the unique combination of text and music in his classical improvisations, how he came up with the piano sparks and the meaning of life. The show also played tracks from the new CD "From the Heart".