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On 1 april 2014, i took an international gathering of suppliers of the company Rettig on "a musical life journey towards a bright future". I had the pleasure of receiving praiseful responses to both my piano music and my introductory speeches in English. In addition, i received the following recommendation:

"Bert-Jan played for us at our supplier event at Château de Raay in Baarlo. During a business dinner he was able to fill the space with his pleasant and professional piano music. Our guests enjoyed his performance and he was able to create a warm and familiar atmosphere." (Sabrina Ruzzini Management Assistant, Rettig ICC)

"Bert-Jan played for us at our Supplier Event at Château De Raay in Baarlo. During the business dinner, he was able to fill the space with his pleasant, professional and inspirational piano music. The various pieces that he performed were introduced in a very modest, yet spiritual fashion. Our guests enjoyed his performance and in this manner he created a professional, yet pleasant atmosphere. As this event was a first for us, and therefore somewhat experimental, I can tell you that Bert-Jan van der Mieden's performance sparked mere superlatives!" (Jos Bongers, Chief Operations Officer / Deputy CEO, Rettig ICC)

The classical piano improvisations truly move listeners. A selection from listener feedback received:

"It was as though the roof was lifted off the building."

"Your music has deeply moved me, thank you."

"Wonderful to use one of your piano sparks at any moment of the day as a meditation in order to get back to myself. A moment to dream away and clear my thoughts. I hope to be able to enjoy many more of your piano sparks."

"Your piano music had a healing effect on me."

"Bert-Jan played for us on a Divine9 tuned grand piano. What an experience. His heart and soul was translated through the music, and this opened all hearts in the room. Nothing held back; the struggle, the vulnerability and the love was made audible and Bert-Jan let us experience it all. Only to finish with a harmony and a lightness that offered hope and trust. True nourishment for the soul! Thank you."

"It was as though the piano had invited him to let go of old insights and to embrace a deep freedom, which creates space for new experiences. Divine9 carried us on a journey in between the piano, the pianist and the group."

"Wonderful, this piano music by Bert-Jan. Peaceful music, in which both the listener and the musician are seeking. He for his notes/tones and I for the silence within me. I would have loved for it to have lasted longer... a stilled, warm moment in a hectic day. Many thanks from Ank."



Bert-Jan van der Mieden on Radio Gelderland

APELDOORN - On Sunday 18 August, Classic Improvisations pianist Bert-Jan van der Mieden was a guest on the Radio Gelderland show Tendens.

Presenter Rinus van Warven interviewed Van der Mieden on topics such as the unique combination of text and music in his classical improvisations, how he came up with the piano sparks and the meaning of life. The show also played tracks from the new CD "From the Heart".