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Bert-Jan van der Mieden gives various kinds of concerts. His classical piano improvisations can be enjoyed at piano recitals, dinner concerts and living room concerts. Furthermore, with his piano music he is able to provide an excellent setting for any art exhibitions and opening or anniversary events. Or even for a conference. In addition, a dinner, wedding or funeral service can be given an entirely different atmosphere with Van der Mieden playing the piano. His piano improvisations have a healing effect on people with (serious) illnesses or psychological problems.

During commercial events, Van der Mieden also offers a unique experience. Because his piano improvisations move the visitors, this creates an atmosphere that influences sales activities in a positive manner.

The concerts by Van der Mieden always consist of unique improvisations. He tunes his music in to his audience, which means he never plays the same. His music has a unique effect on his listeners, always evoking thoughts and emotions. How come? "I always focus on the audience I'm playing to," Van der Mieden explains. "I tune in to my feelings and thoughts in the present moment and this resonates with my listeners."

The classical improvisator performs for small and large groups, organisations and individuals, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Bert-Jan van der Mieden on Radio Gelderland

APELDOORN - On Sunday 18 August, Classic Improvisations pianist Bert-Jan van der Mieden was a guest on the Radio Gelderland show Tendens.

Presenter Rinus van Warven interviewed Van der Mieden on topics such as the unique combination of text and music in his classical improvisations, how he came up with the piano sparks and the meaning of life. The show also played tracks from the new CD "From the Heart".